Curated Services For You…

Integrated Massage Therapies
Professionally Tailored – Uniquely Designed

My Healing Recipe is Like Cake. To make a cake, all the ingredients and steps must come together perfectly. If not, the cake will fail.

SuSanity brings together all the techniques, tools, and treatments needed in each individual recipe for healing.

Integrated Massage Therapies allow us to connect and heal without trespassing. Unlike traditional massage, my technique is not “one-size-fits-all”. YOU as a client will receive a uniquely tailored recipe designed to target Your individual needs, promote healing and restore your peace of mind.

You as a client are people who step-up and deliver. You know your worth. You deserve the best, I can do, and I welcome the challenge.

  • I Listen To Your Words
  • I Hear Your Voice
  • I Touch where you have Pain
  • I Feel your Presence
  • I see The Real You…

Susanity Full Treatment

Let’s See What We Can Do About Your Pain

Contact me at 774-304-1006 or to discuss pricing as it is based on the needs of each client individually, thank you, looking forward to meeting you.